CADAC's waters on the Ceiriog are mostly fast flowing  over stones, pebbles and gravel but there are many riffles, glides, weir pools and deep pools and this range of waters makes for demanding yet enjoyable fly fishing.

The Ceiriog valley is picturesque with meadows, farms, wooded hillsides and wooded valley floors and stone bridges over the river.

The river and its valley are crossed by the Chirk railway viaduct and the Chirk Aqueduct designed by Thomas Telford which carries the Shropshire Union Canal.

The river has good water quality supporting an abundance of fly life. The banks, overhanging trees, marginal vegetation, submerged tree roots and the rocky river bed are an ideal habitat for a wide range of natural flies especially upwings and stoneflies

The club's waters and beats are shown on the map on the Links page of the website

The river beats are

Beat 1 - Pontfadog to Castle Mill Bridge - double bank fishing for both wild and stocked brown trout

Beat 2 - Castle Mill Bridge to Chirk Aqueduct - double bank fishing ( except for part of north bank at Chirk hatchery and fishery ) for both wild and stocked brown trout

Beat 3 - Brynkinalt to Pont-y-Blew ( Forge Bridge ) - double bank fishing for wild and some stocked brown trout

Beat 4 - Pont-y-Blew ( Forge Bridge ) to river meet with River Dee - double bank fishing for mostly wild brown trout and for grayling.


The River Ceiriog is regarded as one of the best rain fed rivers in the land.

BROWN TROUT are the principal game fish in the river and  thrive in the quality water and on the natural fly life.

GRAYLING are found in the lower stretches nearer the Dee and provide sport in the winter months

Fishery Rules

Fishery Rules for the Ceiriog can be accessed by clicking on the Rules logo below