The Ceiriog is an absolutely ideal river for Tenkara fishing

Club membership includes many high standard fishermen who are expert in the technique of Tenkara fishing.

Ceiriog Fly Fishers hosts an annual Tenkara Day for Tenkara experts.

Experts and newcomers to Tenkara all acclaim the Ceiriog as perfect for the technique and any specialist looking for a club with a river ideally suited to Tenkara is encouraged to join.

One of CADAC's most repected members is Louis Noble and these are his thoughts , quotes and views on Tenkara fishing on the River Ceiriog........

I’ve been a convert for five years and know that it’s significantly improved my catch rate – it’s said that tenkara can out fish ‘western style’ by a ratio of 5:1 on suitable waters. All your favourite flies can be used, whether dry, wet or nymphs.

-  and the technique is slowly but healthily growing in popularity. There is even the UK Tenkara Forum which I’m sure you would find interesting and informative.

Tenkara made it possible to hold the fly in places where trout would lie, without the line being swept away. Now the Ceiriog isn’t so fast or rough but many of you will know just how difficult it can be to drift a fly without drag instantly occurring.

...... there are many fast and rocky runs with so called pocket water, those quieter areas behind rocks and obstructions which are all but impossible to fish with conventional tackle – not so with Tenkara.

I would say there are within the eight miles of waters owned or rented by the club  substantial lengths comprising of pocket water and deep rocky pools and gutters which are absolutely ideal for Tenkara....

The main approach is by casting either upstream or up and across, however, the Ceiriog has many quieter, slightly deeper fish holding runs against the bank which are easily fished with tenkara, this being due to the short line we use. This short line allows us to hold only the fly and a few inches of tippet in or on the water which allows an unhindered dead drift – absolutely natural and deadly.

You can read Louis Noble's full views on Tenkara fishing on the River Ceiriog by clicking on the Tenkara rod to the left

Tenkara Fishing - Back to the Future

Club member  Steve Murgatroyd is a keen exponent of Tenkara fishing and wrote a published  article for Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine.

Steve updated his article for the Club  to reflect his experiences of Tenkara fishing on the Ceiriog and this can be seen by clicking on the Tenkara flies below

Kind thanks to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for allowing us to reproduce it again.